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Can Modern Dance Be Preserved?

In safeguarding the legacies of innovators like Merce Cunningham and Paul Taylor, we risk losing their spirit, Joan Acocella writes.



“The Legacy of The New Dance Group” Choreography by Jane Dudley, Sophie Maslow, Anna Sokolow and Talley Beatty Coolidge Auditorium The Library of Congress…

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Tracing Bloodlines

The Stephen Petronio Company at Skirball American choreographers in the modern dance world have tended to disavow their heritages as they made new discoveries. In…

The New Yorker: Everything

The Playful Legacy of Merce Cunningham

Rashaun Mitchell and Silas Riener are bringing a welcome dose of kids’-party high jinks to the modern-dance stage, Joan Acocella writes.

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Breasting the Wave

The Lar Lubovitch Dance Company Celebrates its 50th Anniversary Season Once upon a time, most modern dance choreographers created companies named after them and…

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Stephen Petronio: Honoring His Heritage, Moving On

The Stephen Petronio Company performs new and historic works. It has long been something of a tradition that so-called modern dancers forge their own styles, train…

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Paul Taylor and His Cohort

sPaul Taylor American Modern Dance at Lincoln Center through March 25th. I think I finally got it straight: Paul Taylor American Modern Dance is a presenting…

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Taylor Made

Paul Taylor American Modern Dance at Lincoln Center, March 6 through 25. When Paul Taylor’s Roses premiered in 1985, fake petals drifted down onto the City Center…


Ballet Hispánico and denby/Donovan Projects

“El Beso,” “Linea Recta,” “Danzón, Ballet Hispánico July 29, 2017 “Elvis Everywhere” denby/donovan projects August 12, 2017 Jacob’s Pillow, MA by Gay Morris…

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Ivy Baldwin opens up to The NYTimes' Siobhan Burke about her enduring connection with Lawrence Cassella, and the genesis of her new piece, Keen [No. 2].

Her Longtime Dancer Died. Instead of Moving On, She Embraced Loss.

The choreographer Ivy Baldwin has explored mourning rituals and grief after the death of Lawrence Cassella, a close collaborator, in 2015.

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