Introducing Factr.
A new kind of social network,
built for organizing and
sharing your knowledge.
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A better
way to
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A better way
to save.
When you see something that matters to you -
a note, an article, a tweet, a site, a file, a feed, a
video, a picture, a podcast - where do you put it?
On Factr, you can securely save the things you
care about and be confident you'll have them
when you need them, at any time, on any device.
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A better way
to organize.
Too much information, too little control?
Use Factr's streams and folders to easily sort,
label and organize your content - your way.
Customize Factr's powerful filters, tags, highlights,
and notifications to gather what you need
instantly, so you can focus without distractions.
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A better way
to share.
Factr makes it easy to share what matters
with the people it matters to. Make any of your
streams public (visible to all) , private (invite-only),
or personal (just for you). You control access,
deciding who can view, interact, or collaborate.
A perfect blend of transparency and privacy.
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The factr difference
On Factr, you're not a product.
Designed to put you in control
Protects your privacy
Supported by subscribers (ad-free)
Helps you focus
The product is working for you
Other social networks:
Built to manipulate you
Profit by selling your data
Supported by advertisers
Actively distracts you
You are the product being sold
What our members say about Factr
Content Creator
Facebook User
Content creator
D.S. Moss
Host of The Adventures of Memento Mori
I've been using Factr both to research my podcasts, and then plan and sequence them. Google searches sometimes got pretty distracting. Now Factr keeps me from going down wormholes. It's saved not just hours of my time, but weeks.
D.S. Moss
Host of "The Adventures of Memento Mori" Podcast
Patricia Lustig
Strategic Foresight Analyst, author of “Strategic Foresight: Learning from the Future”
I used to hire research assistants for 20-30 hours a month. With Factr, I just set my parameters and relevant items show up as soon as they're published. I don't need assistants anymore, and I actually get better information, faster.
Patricia Lustig
Strategic Foresight Analyst, author of “Strategic Foresight: Learning from the Future”
Fran Holstron
Founder / Chief Curator, Neesh Interactive
Factr gives me the best features of Dropbox, Facebook, Trello, and Tumblr. Everything I need is in one place. I can edit things, drag them from stream to stream, sort them in an intuitive way. Facebook's job is to distract me. Factr's job is to help me organize.
Fran Holstrom
Founder / Chief Curator, Neesh Interactive
Andy Carl
Honorary Fellow (non-resident), School of Law, University of Edinburgh
Factr is the perfect tool for content sharing, networking, and putting information out into the public space. It's also great for managed, close collaboration on potentially sensitive issues.
Andy Carl
Honorary Fellow (non-resident), School of Law, University of Edinburgh
Facebook User
Sheerly Avni
Editor and writer
Factr is a fantastic alternative to Facebook, Twitter, and the other manipulative, ad-driven platforms I'm trying to escape. It feels good to avoid all the noise, the privacy violations, the endless ploys designed to steal my time and attention.
Sheerly Avni
Editor and writer
Mike Fleshman
Journalist (Africa specialist and photojournalist)
I used to spend 70 to 80% of my time just rounding up and forwarding information. With Factr it's more like 10%. Factr is an absolutely indispensible tool for sharing with clients, organizations, and my broader networks.
Mike Fleshman
Journalist (Africa specialist and photojournalist)
The features
that set Factr apart
Your content, your way
Any file, any source, anywhere
Whether it's a link, note, feed, file,
doc, image, video, audio - if
it matters,
add it to Factr. Our browser extension
and iPhone app
make it easy to save
anything you see, whenever you see it.
Customizable presentation
Spacious or compact display for
your words and images,
coupled with
editable titles and descriptions allow
you to
present and annotate your
content exactly the way you want.
Ad-Free. Built for you.
Unlike other social platforms, we work
for our users, not
for advertisers.
We don’t sell your data. We have no
to waste your time. Our job
is to put you in complete control.
More focus, less clutter
Easier organization
Relieve information overload
by sorting your content
into streams
that fit your interests. Refine even
further with
folders, filters, searches,
timelines, tags, and highlights.
Automated filtering
Monitor real-time streams that
automatically pull feeds
from your
pick of sources. Factr makes it easy
to set up
exacting filters, so that
you see just what matters to you.
Dynamic discovery
Pinpoint what you need by
scanning the latest content
trusted sources you choose.
Or pick from
Factr streams
curated by subject-matter experts.
Shared understanding, built in
Share with security
Control access and permissions like
no other platform.
Personal inbox?
Private collaboration? Public forum?
All easy.
Your sharing includes exactly
who you want, and no one else.
Customized daily briefings
Save yourself (or your team
members) hours each week
sharing relevant links in automatic
daily briefings.
Easily customize
them with just a few clicks.
Drag-and-drop newsletters
Quickly assemble key content
into a custom report
that you can
publish to your mailing lists, or
to your team.
(And keep them
up-to-date by linking it to Factr.)