Know better,

Factr helps businesses, teams, and individuals find and share the information they need, and make better decisions.

Monitor all your feeds in one place

Instead of visiting dozens of websites, blogs, and publications multiple times a day, effortlessly browse the latest content from the sources you love and trust­—all in one secure place.

  • configure custom digests and alerts
  • discover new sources
  • follow streams of content created by others

Share specialized knowledge

Create customized streams of information in your organization to keep everyone up-to-date on mission-critical issues.

  • publish original observations and research
  • aggregate the latest findings from industry publications
  • upload documents, spreadsheets, images, sound files, or video.

Organize and operationalize your information

Organize your information so that it is easier to find out what’s important, what to do next and how to do it.

  • Filter for the highest quality, most relevant intelligence
  • Tag for easy and versatile categorization
  • Search your streams and across the platform
  • Geotag items and access them directly through maps
Collaboratively evaluate and analyze
Collaboratively evaluate and analyze

Collaboratively evaluate and analyze

Quickly surface the valuable insights in your streams to support better decisions.

  • Highlight important developments immediately as they arise.
  • Discuss events as they unfold.
  • Annotate information to give it context.
Control access

Control access

Protect (or publicize!) your streams—make them as private or public as you want.

Create streams that are:

  • seen only by you
  • shared by a team
  • shared by an entire organization
  • open to the public, to keep your audience aware of your activities, or to seek their input and feedback
Control access

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