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27.November — 3.Dezember 2017

Tech & Startup Events Frankfurt RheinMain. “27.November — 3.Dezember 2017” is published by alipasha

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Best Co-Working Space

With an aim to make new waves with working spaces for digital nomads, Co.Lab.Oratory lives and breathes to provide a merger between the mundane work and a…

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AdobeLive: Build your career as a UX designer

Disclaimer: Its an engaging summary of three days workshop. So its pretty long to read.Because I wanted to make this article as a Handbook for UX designers Outcomes…

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Democratizing startups

Apple, Microsoft, Cisco and Amazon are publicly listed companies with very large market capitalization. But at the time when they went public, their market caps,…

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Cleansing up your Mac

I love cleaning my Macbook, deleting this or that files, ordering them to this or that folders… It's also moments I look back what I have done, especially for work…

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I’m not an all-knowing expert who never makes mistakes. In fact, I still make a lot of mistakes when it comes to building and growing a startup. And I’m definitely…

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So you want to run an accelerator…

If you are an exited entrepreneur with a little spare cash and what seems like pretty good angel-stage dealflow, starting an accelerator sounds easy. Just get some…

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Shared Space: My Startup Weekend Experience

Last weekend I took part in Brisbane’s Startup Weekend 2017. I went in blind. Not only had I never attended a Startup Weekend before, but I also have never even…

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23rd November 2017 | Daily Business Digest

Sequoia Capital, one of the early investors in local search service Just Dial has sold almost 1% of its stake in the company through open market transactions,…

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Startups and Bitcoins in Trinidad and Tobago.

Trinidad and Tobago gained its independence from the United Kingdom on 31 August 1962. The bicameral Parliament includes 41-members House of Representatives and…

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Starting up the startup (Episode 01)

Do you have a great idea? Are you planning to start your own business? Will your business be profitable in this slow moving economy? Can you raise enough funds to…

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A Brief History of Corporate Innovation

Ask anyone under the age of 25 today “who invented the mouse?” or “who invented the graphical user interface (GUI)?” and you may get a lot of blank stares and fun…

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