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block3 — Building Blockchain Businesses

After successfully launching our blockchain meetup group in Dec 2016, with notable guest speakers and collaborations from Coinbase, Powerledger and MyBit, our…

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2) How to Create a Campaign Page?

Once you have chosen the right equity crowdfunding platform that suits your needs, it’s time to turn your attention to the campaign page. This page will be the face…

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Me, Myself and Sports

Swimming. Tennis. Judo. Football. Volleyball. Basketball. Ping-Pong. Rowing. Skate. Rollerblading. Handball. Running. Triathlon. Ironman. Cycling. Lacrosse.…

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Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

The Mobile Market has seen a disruptive growth in a past few decades. Every day we hear about a new mobile startup taking leap over the existing ones.The…

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Startup Ideas in India

People today are looking for alternate ways to make income. While there are many people that love to continue their job there are many that are stepping into the…

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4 traits investors look for in an entrepreneur

We hear about startups all the time; building the next big thing or launching a groundbreaking piece of technology. And it’s no real surprise — there has never been…

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How To Find Problems Actually Worth Solving

In all these places, I have realized that solving problems is the best approach to achieve a good product. A feature-factory is the best recipe to develop a failed…

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Research ethos vs. startup ethos

On the face of it, research and high-tech startups should be similar worlds, driven by solutions to new problems or better solutions to existing ones. Yet, there…

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