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Caroline Morchio: The Handshake Design Culture

After leaving Athos, where I led Design for almost four years, I was craving some time for solo-traveling, writing and catching up with friends and family. Upon my…

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Podcast: Humans Of Purpose

Thrilled to be on Mike Davis’s show Humans Of Purpose this month chatting about all things wine, entrepreneurship and startups. Mike has managed to interview some…

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Why Do I Feel Like Shit At Work?

We’ve all felt it. A less than healthy workplace, team, or organization. Maybe it feels like a lack of alignment. Maybe it’s an unhealthy culture. Maybe it pops up…

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About Me

I’ve been an internet entrepreneur since 1997. I co-founded the Apple Music Group in 1995, worked at N2K (one of the first online music companies), co-founded…

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Venture Capital Unlocked: Deal Camp is Back!

We're back in Berkeley! Today marks the start of our 3rd successive Venture Capital Unlocked: Deal Camp, our one-week crash course on the ins and out of

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Startups and Bitcoins outlook in Israel.

At the beginning of the XXth century, Jewish refuges, which had immigrated from the Russian Empire following the Kishinev ‘pogrom’, had built the first Israeli…

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How We’re Building Our Company, Laylo

As we approach our first year of working together, we decided it was time to start laying out (publicly) the principles that we work by in order to help other…

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Life of a Seed Round

Over the past few months my co-founder and I have been building a company that develops ML-based mobile-user engagement tools for app developers. We’ve just…

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ICO Start-ups: Meet the Founders of LucidExchange

MLG Blockchain Consulting is committed to supporting unique and upcoming ICOs on their journey towards successfully integrating their blockchain technology. And we…

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I am definitely not built to be an employee.

I am definitely not built to be an employee. A concept I didn’t fully appreciate until I found myself in a behemoth of an organization. Unfortunately my wife and…

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How to Prepare for a Startup Job Interview

While preparing for a job interview at a startup can be a daunting task, it can lead to employment at the startup, which can be quite rewarding considering its…

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5 P’s To Push Your Startup To Prosperity.

When you take the plunge and get started, it is invigorating. It is also challenging, and at times it is a total motherfucker. Where there is a startup, there is a…

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