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What types of stories do you need to know?

Today I spoke about story at the PR for Startups event at Campus London. My fellow panelists talked about how to engage with journalists, how to take on the…

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Entrepreneurship: a path to a better world

Entrepreneurship, if participated in its true form and full intensity, can develop people at a grueling pace. This expedited mental evolution produces veterans out…

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Startups — don’t get lost in the tech

Getting “lost in the tech” is very easy for tech-based startups. But, there is so much more to consider. Here’s what you need to keep in mind.

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My CTO doesn’t code, is that normal?

I was sitting with a business co-founder Michael, discussing the growth strategy of his startup when this conversation happened. Just a little bit more background:…

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Best place to launch product for startup

Next time i will launch a product, I have decided to share my collection of the best places for promoting your startup, I hope you will find it useful:

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The hidden costs of serverless

Serverless architecture is the next step in the evolution of computing power. The reasons for taking the leap are clear: Like the jump from on-premises to the…

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Why this coffee startup is taking on Keurig

When I first met Josh Wilbur and heard his pitch for Steeped Coffee, I thought it was a cool gig. It seemed like a neat niche product to sell online, kind of like…

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