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Middle East Monitor - Latest Comments (3 duplicates)

Re: Britain should re-interpret the Balfour Declaration

If Christians or Muslims never claimed "self-determination",how can there be "Jewish self-determination"? Remember thatthe white Jews do despise and hate the black…

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Senate: Peace returns as senators sheathe sword

Speaking on the peace accord, Senator Lawan, explained that the senators had agreed to bury their grievances in national interest, pointing out that ...

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Middle East Monitor - Latest Comments (9 duplicates)

Re: MPs call on Jordan to end land lease to Israel

Would the Kenyans have allowed the Partition of Kenya between the British and the natives?Would the Algerians have allowed the Partition of Algeria between the…

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US-Taliban talks

That serving as backdrop, if Khalilzad succeeded in securing the Taliban's concurrence to join the Afghan peace process then it is certainly a positive ...

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Sultan, CAN's peace initiative, a timely move

The peace accord was signed at a Peace Declaration Summit organised by the Nigerian Interfaith Action Association (NIFAA) in collaboration with ...

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News.Az - Latest Articles

Book by professor Farida Safiyeva launched

“Tracing one life” book by the professor of the Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts Farida Safiyeva has been launched at the Magsud Ibrahimbayov…

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Middle East Monitor (1 duplicate)

MPs call on Jordan to end land lease to Israel

Sixty Jordanian lawmakers have called on their government not to renew the land lease agreement signed with Israel and to retake control over Al-Baqoura and…

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