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Posted by Chris van der Walt
Washington Examiner

FBI has not verified Trump dossier

In face-to-face briefings with congressional staff, according to those sources, FBI and DOJ officials have said they cannot verify the dossi...

Posted by Chris van der Walt
This may blow back on Washington in unanticipated ways. "The Manafort case promises to lead a diligent investigator to stashes of dirty post-Soviet money that represent a bigger threat to U.S. democracy than any leaked emails or Russian-bought Facebook ads. It would be naive to imagine that, after working for years for Yanukovych and taking his tainted cash, the consultants didn't bring any of the cynicism and rule-bending prowess to U.S. politics. This is not the kind of baggage one can leave outside the door. The political operatives, spin doctors, lobbyists, and lawyers who have taken the Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh, Azerbaijani money have contributed to the poisoning of the U.S. political scene. Trump won the election last year on the promise to clean up the swamp they helped create -- but he himself is a creature of that swamp."

The Real Promise of the Manafort Indictment

Investigators can serve a more useful purpose by following dirty post-Soviet money than by chasing collusion.


Democratic Rep. tells Trump to 'shove it up your a--'

Donald Trump is a racist who can take his proposed border wall and 'shove it up [his] ass,' Texas Rep. Filemon Vela said in an open letter to the presumptive…

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Can GOP unify without Ryan endorsement?

Former aides to former House Republican Speakers, John Feehery and Michael Steel join NBC’s Andrea Mitchell to discuss why Speaker Paul Ryan is still not ready to…

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Endorsing Trump Will Leave a Mark

WASHINGTON — Bluffing is Donald Trump's one great talent, and he brazenly bluffed his way to the Republican nomination. Now he is showing his cards, however, and…

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