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The 20th century was the Magazine Century. The form hardly existed before it, and in some respects it is barely surviving after it.

This stream is a place to share images, links, and information and commentary about magazines—the famous, the infamous, the exemplary, the obscure—through their rise, and their mid- and late-century heyday. We focus for now on covers (though that can change).

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Posted by Michael Grossman

Guitar World (1992-09-00)

Title: Guitar World Date: September 1992 Photograph: Tony Gale/Starfile Design Director: Jesse Marinoff Reyes Inside: Hendrix at Madison Square Garden by Village Voice photo editor emeritus Fred McDarrah (1926-2007), pix not seen in 20 years.

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Posted by Michael Grossman

A pretty smart choice, when viewed with 2020 (well, 2017) hindsight. Runners up were Gandhi and FDR.

Michael Grossman

Time (1999-12-31)

Title: Time Date: December 31, 1999 Subject: Albert Einstein, Person of the Century Photographer: (check) Design Director: Arthur Hochstein Editor: Walter Isaacson

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Posted by Michael Grossman


Astrid Hereen for Glamour, 1966

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Posted by Michael Grossman


Marilyn Monroe on the cover of Photoplay Magazine

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