Some of the features most requested by our community have been mechanisms to share items discovered in Factr streams to other platforms and media.

We have just released two new tools that enable you to do just that.

The first of these enables you to copy the web address of an item so that you can share it via email, as link in a blog post or via any other social media platform you like.

Copy item link.

Here’s how:

  1. go to the item you want to share
  2. click on the “Share” action in the bottom right of the item card
  3. click on “Copy this item Link”
  4. paste the link wherever you like!

Share to Twitter

  1. click on the “Share” action
  2. choose “Share this item to Twitter”
  3. a new window or tab will open with Twitter’s tweet interface showing the title of the item and the link url.
  4. edit the tweet
  5. when you are ready, click on the “Tweet” button (you will be prompted to login to Twitter if you aren’t already logged in)
You may have to login to Twitter before being able to tweet.

We plan to add more share methods in the near future. If you have any feature requests, let us know.

Happy factr’ing!