Now you can create groups on Factr.

This is big. It means that teams, communities, and organizations can use Factr streams to instantly share access to the information they need—as it’s gathered. Whatever one person knows, everyone knows.

Groups can be large or small, can overlap, can publish one stream or many. When you publish a stream to your group, everyone in that group will automatically have access to it, so you don’t need to spend time inviting people. Whenever you add a new members to the group, they will instantly have access to the group’s streams. And the “owner” of your streams is the group, not an individual team member, so everyone feels equal ownership of the stream.

Setting up a group is as easy as 1, 2, 3. So is publishing streams as a group.

Here’s how to create a new group:

  1. Add your group: Click on the “+ New” button. Select “New Group”.
  2. Name your group: Fill in the group’s name and location, upload a thumbnail image to represent it, and click on “Create Group.”
  3. Populate your group: To add members to your group, click on the “Membership” button. (If the people that you wish to add are already Factr users, you can use the search field to find their names. If you want to add people who are not Factr users yet, copy and paste their email addresses into the field and click “+ Add.” They’ll receive an email letting them know they’ve been added to the group, and a link to get there.)

New members can be either Contributors or Admins. Contributors can add content and comment on items in a group stream. Admins can create streams on behalf of the group and add and remove members.

Once you’ve created a group, publishing streams as that group is just like publishing a stream of your own, except you’ll now have the option to choose who “owns” any stream you create — you or your group.

  1. Add your stream: Click on the “+ New” button. Select “New Stream”.
  2. Name your stream: Just as you would for your own stream, fill in the stream name and description, upload a thumbnail image to represent it.
  3. Publish as your group: Below the stream privacy settings, you’ll see “Publish as”. Here you‘ll see your own name (the default selection) as well as the name of the group you’ve created, as well as any other group of which you’re an admin. Just choose the group you’d like to own this stream, and the stream will be published under the group name, and all group members will instantly have access.

You can also change the ownership of existing streams from individual to group streams. Go to Settings, choose General, and simply change the selection under “Publish as.”

We encourage you to experiment with groups. Here are just a few ways Factr users are utilizing groups:

  • Create one large group for your organization, beyond your work team, insuring that a stream for this group will be seen by everyone.
  • Create a group for those working on a particular project.
  • Create a group to which you can invite contributors outside your organization, to keep them abreast or involved in what you’re doing.

We’re sure you’ll come up with other uses. Let us know what you think, and as always, please write us at with any suggestions or ideas.